Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fresh Bread and Spring Chevre

Photos by Nancy Chandler using Droid

Finally found a replacement for the absolutely used until it just couldn't be used anymore bread machine.  Took weeks and several false starts on ebay/amazon/craigslist until I found exactly the right one.... a few years newer, a few more settings but basically the exact same machine I wore out making bread three times a week, the one I bought it at the Nifty Thrifty for $20 ten years ago.

So, a new, used bread machine sitting there waiting for the maiden loaves....

I only use it for making a simple, partly whole grain, french dough and then knead, form loaves, add ingredients or topping and then bake it in an Artisan style.  My husband will eat almost a whole loaf, with goats cheese, in a day....

The bread machine arrived right when we were getting ready for markets so I had to leave it untouched until after the holiday weekend... but I did pick up extra flour in preparation.... then I stopped at a yard sale Saturday afternoon and there were three Brotform pans, very clean, almost new.... $1 each....  I had looked at these on Amazon and ebay with longings but they were just too much at the time.  $20 each was the lowest price I found... I asked the woman at the sale if she knew what they were, and she didn't.  Was just glad to get rid of them... so I gave her $5 instead of $3 and skedaddled....

As of now, there are two loaves rising in Brotforms, a round loaf and a baguette, and another large batch of dough rising in the bread maker.  A baking stone is warming and the oven is preheating.  Some pinto beans are simmering in the crockpot, a couple of pork chops from my neighbors pig are defrosting... and oh my, the house smells so good.  I've also got laundry going, I'm writing a blog, and in a little while, I'll go over to the dairy and start pasteurizing a 60 gallon batch of milk which will be 90 lbs of fresh chevre on Thursday.  Just a lazy Tuesday on the farm.

Finished bread photo added above.

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