Monday, February 28, 2011

Talk about Cabin Fever

David spent most of the day taking pictures of birds from inside the window of the warm living room. This is a Varied Thrush.  Typical winter/spring bird for our area.  David has Black Oil Sunflower seeds in the feeder.  He put the feeder on this stump about six feet from the window, took out the screen and sits quietly by the open window until he gets his shot.

I actually spent time trying on hats.  I collect hats.  I love them.  I don't think I look good in them at all but I wear them anyway.  My head is really tiny and I can wear the same denim ballcap that my 8 year old grandson wears.  My hair is really really short right now, a silver mohawk actually, shaved along both sides and the back, longish along a 4" wide section of the top.  All my hats look different on me now.  Point is, who normally has two hours to try on hats???? It's a rainy, cold, winter day.  Cooking, eating, watching the rain and the birds, trying on hats.

Expecting guests so we made ribs, a dark meat turkey roast, cake, cinnamon rolls, homemade foccaccia bread with creamy goats cheese, cornbread, salad with Feta.  Enough food I may not have to cook at all for a few days.

Photo of Varied Thrush taken by David Lygren

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