Friday, March 18, 2011

As promised, baby goat...

Photos taken by David Lygren
 We have a housegoat. Third born in triplets, just too weak and floppy to even get to the teat let alone compete with two bigger, stronger siblings, so she's in the house in a laundry basket by the stove, getting stronger by the hour. She could stand but not walk last night, now she walks. Took 4 oz warm colostrum this morning. She's a sweetie. The weakest one of triplets being rejected by the mom is quite common. It's usually the little girl too predictably.  Since she never got the whole licking from head to toe treatment by mom, she still had stiff spiky fur from dried birth fluids.  Cody, the border collie, took care of that last night, licking her all over, head to toe and now she's soft and furry.  He's such a kind dog.... he's got crazy eyes because he's kinda..... crazy.... but he is so sweet and kind that on the rare occasions that I cry, he actually tries to lick my tears... who could keep crying after that?
Housegoat update:  by the following day she was hopping on the carpet but slipping like Bambi on the ice on the tile and wood floors.  By the NEXT day, she was hopping all over.  Then we got another bottle baby, a really big girl... so they both moved to a cozy blanket covered small dog crate with hay bedding... on the front porch.  They climbed the woodpile for fun between naps and the bigger one hopped up onto the buckets of sunflower seeds under the window to the house, looking in at us like, "Hey you two, wanna come out and play?"  They were happy together so we sold them together and they are doing great.

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